Memorial-Redevelopment Authority/ TIRZ No. 5

Shepherd, Durham, and Selected Cross Streets Reconstruction Project

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Resident/Business Update:

Week of 8/1/22 and Week of 8/8/2022

Work on Shepherd: 

  • Continue waterline work 

    • Crossing Waterline from the West side to the east side of Shepherd between 16th to 18th ​

  • Lane Closures on Shepherd: 

    • Expect for single lane and double lane closure throughout this week on Shepherd from 15th Street to 18th Street ​

Work on Durham:

  • Start on Waterline work starting from 15th to 18th 

  • Lane Closure on Durham

    • Expect for double lane closure throughout this week on Durham from 15th to 18th ​

Work on 20th Street:

  • Work will start on 20th street. (See the detail mark up of locations of work HERE.)

  • ON TRASH CAN PICK UP DAY: Residence living on the south side of 20th street: On trash pick up day, please put your trash roller across the street to the north side.

For detailed information of the work/project limits/locations, click here

20th Street TCP.png