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Residents/Business Update:

Week of 1/18/2023

General Note; We have asked City of Houston (COH) to schedule the testing of the new water lines that have been installed and expect testing to take place in the next 2 weeks.  COH does not coordinate their testing schedule with us.  We will keep you informed if we receive any updated information.

water shut off map is now in place for January 19th  for residents/ Business affected 


Work on Shepherd: 

  • 15th Street: Road way excavation and lime placement on 15th street-20th street 

  • Paving on 15th street - 20th street 

  • Installing storm sewer on 15th shepherd 

  • center point installing new electrical poles 

  • center gas moving and re- locating gas line on shepherd- 610 north 

Work on Durham:  

  • Installation of storm sewer on 16th from Shepherd to Durham .

  • Roadway excavation on 15th street from Durham to Prince street 

  • Forming and concrete pouring roadway on Durham  

  • center point installing new electrical poles 


  • shepherd from 14th street except a two lane closer on the left (west) side heading towards 610 .

  • Durham from 25th street expect a two lane closer on the right (west) side heading towards I10.

  • Any addiction information regarding a traffic change will be posted here. Drive safely 

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Memorial-Redevelopment Authority/ TIRZ No. 5

Shepherd, Durham, and Selected Cross Streets Reconstruction Project

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